Never Stop Learning

i-Tea 101

Proper technique for inserting the straw

1. Ensure the pointy side of the straw is facing down and aim for the center
2. Insert the straw smoothly and swiftly without any hesitation

But again, where is the fun if you do it perfectly on the first try?!?


The Mousse is i-Tea’s specially handmade whipped cream. It is rich and creamy, a perfect combination with the fresh tea. Your choice to drink separately or mix together!

Milk Tea

Brewed with high quality tea leaves. Milk tea is delicious and soothing. Add you favourite topping in the drink and let it brighten your day!

Snow Bubble

The Snow Bubble is light, smooth and creamy in similar concept to thin milk shake. The name Snow Bubble came from the creamy bubble foam on the top after vigorous shaking. It uses quality fruit puree rather than powders.

Honey Yogurt Juice

Honey Yogurt Juice has a very unique flavor when mixed the top fruit juice with the bottom yogurt juice. It is a very refreshing summer drink. Hold the cup and shake well!


Blended with premium fruit puree. Try it with Greek Yogurt, it is hands down one of the best drink for a hot summer day.


Our Smoothie is made with either fresh fruits or premium grade ingredients. Trust your own palate and taste the difference.

Flavored Tea

Fresh brewed tea mixed with premium grade fruit puree.

Special Mix

Special drink for special you! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Signature Hot Drink

Let our signature hot drink to warm you up in the cold weather. Winter can be just as fun as the summer.