Idea to Reality


A Kingston brand

Vision & Mission

Over two years of planning and a long journey in Taiwan, i-Tea Kingston has finally opened in November 2015. Our goal is to build a Kingston brand bubble tea shop by hand-pick the most trendy and best quality products from Taiwan and share with Kingston.

Quality, Second to none!

1. Attention to Details

We Listen, We Observe, We Improve

We value every customer’s feedback and adjust accordingly to strengthen our brand

Rather than contemplate, we promptly turn great ideas into reality, great recipes into delish drinks.

2. Quality Assurance

A perfect cup of tea is the combination of high quality tea leaves and purified water.

Our waterline is directly connected to the multi-layer filter before reaching to our faucet, ice machine, and other essential machines. This ensures every drop of water used is free of chlorine and bacterial contaminants.

i-Tea work with the most reputable tea suppliers in Taiwan, this allow us to be in control of what is to be served to our customers from fresh tea to fresh fruits.

3. Advanced Equipments

We’re constantly raising the bar to exceed the industry standard.

Our fresh tea is brewed with the most advanced tea brewing technology. The first in Kingston to own and operate with a teapresso machine, an espresso-like machine sole purpose is to extract the essence from the tea leaves with the precise temperature and water level to brew the perfect tea.

The Bubble tea shaker machine is specifically designed for the Snow Bubble Series to ensure every cup is well mixed.

The cup seal machine ensures every cup is properly sealed, it allows you to take your favourite drink to anywhere without the possibility to spill and retains the freshness for later consumption.

4. Why i-Tea

We are an all-rounded bubble tea shop with excellent quality in both food and drinks.

Not only that, we are highly recognized in Kingston as one of the best bubble tea shops. Just ask New & Abroad at and find out yourself!